Oil clay extruder with 4 nozzles



Early this year, we received an inquiry from India about the oil clay extruder with 4 nozzles.


Forwarding & Testing

Compared to play dough, oil clay is harder and there are patterns on the surface. So we adopted SUS#304 as the nozzle material instead of Teflon.




 Our extruder is usually for play dough, but it can also for modeling clay, oil clay, glue stick, etc.

  • First case about 4 nozzles extruding
  • First case about 4 nozzles with pattern
  • First case about 4 pieces of clay cutting

Tamarind fruit pulp packing machine


Inquiry detail

Early this year, we received an inquiry from India about the tamarind fruit pulp packing. This product without fixed shape, it's a difficulty to other suppliers.


"Require plasticine extruder + packing machine.

Please give quotation

  1. I need contact parts in SS316
  2. My block sizes are
  3. 500 gms = 130mm x 80mm x 40mm
  4. 100 gms = 70mm x 50mm x 20mm"


We have lots of experience on soft material packing solution. We developed and released plasticine packing machine on 2009 and then got the patent of soft material packing.

Now this machine is the leading machine of plasticine market and many famous stationery manufacturer bought from us. Meanwhile, few of other supplier can make such original machine.

CB-350XL is specially for all kinds of plasticine extruding and packing, it's also suitable to soft food like fondant.




After exchange our details to each other, customer had a very good comment of our machine's quality and R&D ability, so we have the samples of their product for test and got a satisfying result.




At last, customer order one machine to increase their automation on production.

CB-350XL is helpful for output high precision size and avoid contamination, reduce the rework rate and save labor cost&material cost.


Full automatic plasticine packing line VS Traditional manual packing

  Full automatic plasticine packing line Traditional manual packing
Process Extruding nad packing in one machine extruder→manual cut→manual feeding→packing
Product cutting Automatic cutting according to the set length, accurate and efficient Manual cut cannot ensure good accuracy
Product deliver Automatic deliver the products into packing machine, no pollution and deformation Manual deliver may cause pollution and deformation to product
Labor cost Only need 1 person to operate the machine, reduce labor costs Needs at least 7 persons
Speed 100~200pcs per minute Max speed is 60 pcs per minute



Plastic cup packing machine


Inquiry details

In 2017, we received the inquiry from the Poland about the plastic cup solution.


"Our customer has already bought one flowpack, 

now he wants to buy a second who will pack

two products (attached), here is the link 


I will send you a package with samples. 

All you need is 250 foil, maybe 300S better? 

The product height is 66mm. 

In the previous model I unscrewed the knife cover 

and was a success."


Forwarding and testing

After exchange our details to each other, we find out our CB-300S can match up with the requirements of customer, so we have the samples of their product for test and got a satisfying result.




Sockets packing machine


Inquiry detail

In 2016, we received the inquiry from the K*L** which is the famous electrical products manufacturer in South America. They requested a high quality of machine.


They are looking for a packing machine with high quality for sockets as below,

“Speed: 120 packages per minute. 60 packages per minute for 200mm - long product

System language: Spanish

Film material: BOPP, 40μm thickness

Blade post length: 180mm

Blade post must with cut prevention by torque limit

Mid sealing: 15mm width

Minimum of conveyor: 1800mm

Minimum of output conveyor: 400mm”



Forwarding and testing


After exchange our details to each other, customer get a stronger confidence in our machine and they visit our factory and our booth on Canton Fair. They send us their samples when they return to Argentina.

Our CB-300S can match up with the requirements of customer, so we have the samples of their product for test and got a satisfying result.





Wafer biscuit packing machine with auto-feeding


Early this year. One of our old customer introduce his friend to us.


His packing requests are as below:

  1. 6 pieces in line in one package.
  2. At least 80 bags per minute.
  3. Package type is gusset bag.

According to his requests, our engineer adopt the auto feeding to reach such input condition


Packing solution for package without tray


According to customer's requirements. We do some modifications on the standard model.

  1. The conveyor belt can be connected to production line.
  2. Conveyor is separated into two parts. One is collecting products from production line, the other one is after feeding and go into packing machine.
  3. There's one pusher between the two conveyor parts which is controlled by air cylinder. The pusher also separate the latest products by its side board and feed the product by fixed length.
  4. There's an additional gusset device to make the package type into gusset bag.




Card paper packing machine


Early in this year, we received an inquiry about card paper's packing request.






We are interested in your products.

We have a requirement of a flow wrapping machine for the purpose of

packing printed cards made of paper boards from 230GSM upwards.

Card size may vary upto 35cm x 12cm.

Individual cards should be wrapped one by one.

Final out put must be in the form of continuously linked wrapped cards.

It is preferable if a chain of given number of wrapped cards can be

separated by the machine(for example 10 cards per chain).

Can you provide us with a machine that can fulfil above requirements?"


After the initial communication,we get the trust from customer and they send us their sample. We test it with our CB-300S.




Further consult

“Can we pack cards of any size that is within the size range I

provided you (6 cm x 5 cm to 31 cm x 10 cm), in CB-300S machine?

Or can it be used only for the 2 sizes I specified?

Our smallest card size is 5cm x 6cm and the largetst card size

is 31 cm x 10 cm

We are looking for a machine with automatic feeding”



After testing, we came to conclusion that the model CB-300S can meet all the packing needs.


Servo packing machine brief introduction

  1. Servo machine’s parameters storage function is convenient for quick setting when change product.
  1. Servo machine’s structure 3 axis independent, not mechanical as dual frequency machine. It can be connected with external equipment since its good compatibility.



Bottle filling and capping fully automatic for space sand


In December of 2017, we received an inquiry that was requested an automatic space sand bottle filling and capping production line by a Lithuanian customer.


Customer Requirements

  1. 500grams bottle, 40 filling per minute, weight precision within 2%.
  2. 1000grams bottle, 30 filling per minute, weight precision within 2%.

In consider of the high weight precision in such a high filling speed, many suppliers not confirm they can do or not. None of them accept customer’s order before he find us.

We found the common bottle moving track is bottle one by one move forward, the duration between the every two filling is long. For this customer, we adopt the rotary type bottle moving track makes the weighing and filling more coherent. The machine can reach the packing speed and precision requested and then customer give us this order.




Work flow

  1. Bottle ordering
  2. Weighing by 10 heads weigher
  3. Filling
  4. Capping
  5. Labeling


Bottle filling and capping fully automatic for granule with good fluidity such as pet food, nuts, etc.



  1. Full SUS#304 frame and reliable components, machine more durable.
  2. Software programming smooth, easy to operate.
  3. All processes running continuously and fully automatic.
  4. Weighing precision high.
  5. High success rate of capping and labeling.
  6. Each part can be free combination.

Components's list

Item Brand/Origin
Pneumatic parts AIRTAC/TAIWAN
Proximity switch SCHNEIDER/FRANCE



Medical Appliance Packing Machine With Auto Loader


Last year CHLB received an inquiry with very high difficulty, so did our competitors.



Customer Requirements

Our product here
Can you send us your video?
send to my private email xxxxxxxx@gmail.com
Thanks you!



Customer preferred feeding automatically since their product is medical appliance, manual feeding may cause contamination.

After we received it, we estimated the feasibility of model CB-300SZ which is suitable to syringe’s auto feeding and packing. But we denied when we got the samples of customer. The product is too light and will fall down from the track of vibration plate.

We communicate with customer time by time and they said they were reject by other suppliers in China who insist that auto feeding for their product is impossible.

Then our R&D department figured out another solution, we adopt the inclined lifting circle-type feeding device equipped with servo model CB-300S. The testing is very successful and this customized machine realized the pioneered achievements in China packing machine industry as below:

  • Automatic ordering and feeding for cylinder column shape product.
  • Photoelectric sensor makes each material position will feed one product.
  • Just need to make products with same direction in material tub and the automatic feeding device will feed product properly.
  • Packing machine is full servo configuration realize the full automatic packing.